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Our Wedding Pictures

Evening all! What a lovely surprise I had this morning when I opened my emails to our wedding pictures. We have over 1000 photos and only have 250 spaces in our hard copy wedding album… how are we ever going to choose?! Anyway, I asked if you guys would like a little post with some of my fav pictures and you all voted yes! So, here you go… P.s MASSIVE thanks to our photographer, you captured the magic of our day perfectly. Advertisements

My Wedding Anxiety

For all those brides to be out there, this ones for you. I don’t normally express how much anxiety my upcoming wedding gives me. I feel like you have to be seen as constantly excited, but it’s so wrong. Since I hit the 1 year to go mark by anxiety & stress levels have went through the roof. I want to be excited. I am excited. But, you just can’t help thinking about all the tiny negative aspects of it. I don’t come from a mega rich family so, it takes a lot of hard work to save money to pay for things. Don’t get me wrong, our families are saving hard too and if it wasn’t for there help we probably still wouldn’t have enough to get married. I just hate how much pressure weddings put on people, the real meaning behind a wedding often gets lost by overwhelming anxiety of how you’re going to afford everything. For instance, you order a special birthday cake and it won’t cost you more than ÂŖ100 ( …