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St Annes on Sea

I took this trip in July but I am only just getting round to posting this! St Annes is a gorgeous sea side town on the outskirts of Blackpool. I used to go there every year when I was little. It was our family vacation spot, same hotel, same time every year. It’s bittersweet to think about it actually. The last time I was there was 2015, just after I graduated from University I went down with my dad, gran and papa for a short holiday. It was lovely, so when Ross decided to go to Prague for this Stag Do my dad jumped at the chance to take me and the family back down for a long weekend.

The day we arrived I had been working all day before hand so we were shattered that night. The next morning when I got up it was pouring and I couldn’t help be disappointed, but that soon changed when the sun appeared after breakfast. The first full day we went through to Lytham. Now I absolutely love Lytham. It’s the most gorgeous little town with boutique shops and restaurants. One of the shops that sit on the corner is Stringers, its kinda like a small House of Fraser selling the usual designer stuff. We wondered in and out every shop along the main street for a few hours until we got to the point we were gasping for a coffee and a bit of cake. We even went round the shops a second time until we were ready for a proper lunch. We chose the Deacon Bar which has only been open for about 10 months I think. It used to be an old bank and they have kept some of the main features. We picked a Caesar salad and ginger beer. Later that night we had a lovely steak dinner at the hotel but I ended feeling so ill from stuffing my face all day, I called it a night about 9pm.


Saturday was a scorcher so we chose to take a road trip to South Port. I’ve never been but my dad had told me stories about being there when I was younger and I was desperate to see it. Theres a main street called Lloyd Street with lovely shops and restaurants. There was even a Peaky Blinder bar! It was really busy so didn’t go in, just did the usual picture outside it. We walked down towards the Pier where they had live music so we sat there and had a cold drink while watching the world go by. South Port was lovely, and I do recommend but Lytham was a lot more unique in terms of their shops and bars. South Port has shops like Debenham’s etc but Lytham is more independent businesses. Later that night when we were back at the hotel and dinner had settled me and my dad took a walk along St Annes per. It was still relatively warm outside and the sun was still out. Theres a little old train thats stationery all the time and its been turned into a little shop. Its got gorgeous little gifts and souvenirs. It’s never changed since I was 9.


Sunday came and it was our last full day, and it was even hotter than the last two days. Now you can’t go to St Annes without visiting Blackpool and today was that day. We set off pretty early to make sure we got parked out but it was even busy by 10am. The first thing to do was walk along the sea side and onto the Pier. We cut through the amusements and had a game of Air Hockey. And no, I didn’t win! (Aren’t dads meant to let you win?!?!?!). We walked the full length of the pier looking and the water below. I wish I could have bottled up that moment and feeling forever. We then walked round some of the usual before hitting the main strip, dipping in and out of the sweet shops, souvenir shops and all the different amusement arcades. We even went onto the other pier for a shot on the bumper cars. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. But, that Sunday wasn’t the only for a fun day at Blackpool. It was also my Grans birthday so we went back to The Deacon for a beautiful family meal. Again, I could have fallen asleep in the taxi home after eating so much. I couldn’t believe the holiday was almost over.


Monday was here in a blink of an eye and before we set off to head back to Scotland me and my dad went back into Lytham to pick a few last minute things from the shops. And if you know me by now I can’t go shopping without a coffee break. This time we chose Capri’s on the corner of the main square. There was an outside glass canapé with small heaters to keep us toasty while the rain came down. Instead it was super modern with wacky colours and interiors. I couldn’t believe it was time to leave.






Playfair’s St Andrews

Weekends. They go from one extreme to another in our house. Most of the time Saturday is a write off for any dates because Ross is either refereeing or playing in the weekly golf medal, so its unusual for us to get a Saturday together. Back at the beginning of July we managed to get some time to ourselves for a day trip to St Andrews. I absolutely LOVE this little town. The cute boutique shops mixed with high street shops hidden in old cobbled streets, bustling with tourists or students from the university. It’s strange to think it was Kate & Wills old stomping ground during their student years.

That weekend the sun was shining and temperatures were soaring that weekend so we thought there would be no where better to spend the day. We were unfortunately met with thick fog and colder temperatures when we arrived! I couldn’t believe it. We were on the wrong coast for the best of the weather. Now, if you haven’t been to St Andrews I advise you to leave early. Parking isn’t the best as it gets super busy. There is a car park on the beach from which you pay & display but we always try the side streets first.

Our first stop was to grab some lunch at Playfair’s restuarant on North Street. We have eaten there before and never seem to be disappointed.

Food 4/5

This time we both opted for the same thing to eat, fish & Chips! It came in a plastic basket lined with paper with a newspaper effect. A modern twist on a classic dish! I was super tasty and just what I could have went, although fish & chips is normally a very safe bet. The only thing I would have to say is that is wasn’t piping hot when it was served. Im hoping that isn’t the way they usually serve as it really dampens the mood when your food’s below temperature.

Decor 5/5

The outdoor seating area is slightly below street level with wooden tables and gorgeous colourful flowers surrounding you. I love the fact its slightly below the street as it feels a lot more private and separated from the busy streets. Inside is darker and cosier. I’d love to sit there on a cold winters day, its just got that type of vibe about it. The walls have a dark brick effect and all the seats are a deep brown leather. Mirrors surround you on the walls making it feel slightly bigger than it actually is. The main doors are glass and give you a lovely view out onto the front terrace.

Location 5/5

You couldn’t have a better location to be honest. It’s literally a five minute walk from the beach front/golf clubhouse in one direction and another 5 minute walk to the main street for the best shops and cafes. It is also lucky enough to be surrounded by hotels and B&Bs.

We finished off a lovely day mooching round the shops and eating some ice cream watching the world go by. I remember sitting feeling so blessed and grateful to have time to spend together that day. I always go straight home with my mind racing of places to go to next!


Father & Daughter Day Out

My dad has always been my best friend. We have always been stuck together like glue, so when I moved out after the engagement it hit us both hard. It took a long time to get used to it but like anything in life, you adapt. With the wedding a month away those emotions of separation are resurfacing. It’s all in the mind, but when you’re getting married you feel like your life before is coming to an end. Childhood has officially gone. Our schedules between now and the big day are mental, so we decided that we would have one last day out together before I say I do (You would honestly think I was leaving forever after reading that).

We had decided to do something before the wedding but just didn’t know when, until I got a lovely unexpected Friday off from work. I’ve been working so much over time recently I had enough for a full day off without using holidays (Thank goodness because Ive used them all for the honeymoon lol!). Dad wanted to make it special so we headed to one of my favourite places, Trump Turnberry. It was pleasantly quieter than most times I have been. We had a lovely large square table in view of the main window and from the minute we sat down I felt mega relaxed. The last few weeks have been mentally and physically draining and I have been so exhausted.

I opted for the ploughman’s Panini and a hazelnut latte, and my dad went for their signature burger and caramel latte. The burger really did look amazing too, it came with a side of thinly cut chips in a cute copper cup. As always, we ordered some desert too. We picked ‘The Queenie”. It was basically a really soft sponge, with strawberry’s and ice cream. It would have put you into a sugar induced coma, but it was too good to pass up. To wash it all down, I finished my meal with the ‘Golfers Widow’ cocktail. It had such a strong taste of watermelon to the point where you could be convinced you were just drinking fruit juice.

Anytime I am out with my dad I seem to come home more focused and thoughtful than when I woke up. We had a chat about this blog actually, and how I don’t think I have found who I truly am through my full time job. It’s not that I hate it or anything, I just feel I am missing something. Theres something Im not pursing in my life to give me the sense of purpose you need to take the next steps in life. Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided to get back into this whole blog thing properly (how many times have you heard me say that before?!?). Once again, I will try to stick to it. There’s something about being at places like Turnberry that spur on your motivation and ambition for a specific level of life. I want to be there all the time and visit similar places knowing I can. It really is a different world.


Top // New Look    Trousers // Ralph Lauren     Shoes // Deichmann








It’s A Hen Thing! (Part 1)

It’s six weeks to go until the big day and the next biggest thing just happened, the Hen Party! I had the most amazing day and the effort put in was totally unexpected.

We started at our house where all the ladies met up for a few pre drinks. While we were waiting we got little goodie bags filled with willy straws, dares, shots and bubbles! Each bag even had my name and the details on it. Up until this moment I didn’t know what the plans were for the day, so the girls put together a little itinerary for me to read out. I finally knew what was happening and I couldn’t be more excited! We downed the rest of the drinks and jumped into the taxi.

First stop, The Social in Glasgow for a Cocktail Making Class. I’ve never been a heavy partier or drinker so this was perfect for me! We were split into two booths, given a fab selection of nibbles and got to make 2 cocktails each. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in my life seeing my Gran use the shaker. The guy who was teaching us, Ross (How Weird!) did well to keep his cool with all of us. Even if he had to be a little cocky now and again!! After a few very strong cocktails (only natural when your pour your own measures), it was time to move onto the next part of the day; Dinner!

I couldn’t have been happier when the girls said we were going to LA Vita. The food they serve is so tasty and authentic. It gave us a little moment to sober up slightly and fill our bellies so we could dance the night away later. While we were at dinner, the girls were occupied with “Advice to the Bride” cards. Each girl filled in a card and put it in my goody bag for me to have a read at later. I ended up reading these the next day when I was feeling slightly fragile, not a great idea!

For the last part of the day we headed to The Ferry at the Riverside for a 60s night. The band were called Mod Life Crisis and they were fantastic! The look of the band and their talent was fantastic. I don’t think I have danced so much in my life. Everyone was so happy and enjoyed the full day. The Ferry closed around 12:30 but it wouldn’t have been a proper night out if my and my bridesmaid, Jemma didn’t hitch a ride from a cycle bike guy and shared Nuggets and Chips from McDonalds before heading back to Jurys Inn, where we crashed out after a fantastic day.

I’ve popped some pictures below! Part 2 of It’s a Hen Thing coming August 20th.


Dress // ASOS    Shoes // Boohoo    Make Up // Rachel Bell @ Slay All Day


Overnight At Turnberry

It’s been almost a month since we went away from Ross’s birthday but, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was. And, how perfect every moment was. To cut a long story short, I decided for this year for his birthday I would take him away for the night to Trump Turnberry in Ayr. He’s a major golf fan and since we went there for a day trip, it’s been at the back of my mind to go.

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin. The hotel is out of this world. It’s a different level of luxury. At first, I felt very self conscious at how posh is seemed and how the other guest were acting. They arrived in the fanciest cars with the newest and most expensive clothes on. But, I decided to play along. I had fairly paid my way after all. When you arrive, your bags are taken from you and your are escorted into a side office to check in. Its decorated in the softest cream leather seats and large oak reception tables. Your given every detail about the resort, and offered anything you could wish for. We arrived very early on in the day because of the weather so we were lucky the room was ready.

A week before we went I received a phone call from the concierge to see if there was anything I needed help with. I had mentioned that I was for my fiancé birthday and if they could put a happy birthday balloon in the room it would be fab. Well, they differently did that. The minute we opened the room door I spotted a balloon covered bed, decorated especially for his birthday! They also left a birthday card for him which I thought was super cute. We had the delighted of a super king bed that was positioned perfectly in front of a massive flat screen TV. It displayed all TV channels, personal messages, information about the resort and menus for room service. It was immense. The bathroom was even better. In the corner of the room was a free standing bath with large gold taps. Actually, everything was gold. I spent the rest of the day dreaming about having the biggest bubble bath with a large glass of wine.

Once we settled in we headed out and walked the length of the beach all the way along to the Half Way house. It’s a pretty white and yellow lighthouse that sits on the ninth hole of the main course. We had a quick pit stop for a coffee and spot of lunch before finishing the walk along the back nine to the clubhouse. I could tell Ross’s was eager to get a game in but I was terrified of him being disappointed because it was just so busy. However, luck was definitely on our side that day as he got a space to play the 9 hole course just before we needed to get ready for dinner. I made a pretty good caddy if I do say so myself.

We had dinner in the 1960 restaurant later that evening and once again, we were super lucky with our table placement. We were sat down in front of the large bay windows over looking the sea and resort grounds. It was perfect for watching sunset (so romantic!!!) Everything from the setting to the food just felt unreal. I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude that we were able to have this experience together (well, we do work hard after all).

The morning after we got lucky again with the table. There was a large continental breakfast buffet to start with then you had a choice from the cooked menu. We both went for Scotch Pancakes with Creme Fresh, and yes it tasted just as amazing as it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better coffee either, it was so smooth and poignant tasting. Nothing like that instant rubbish. To end our trip, after the food had settled we headed to the Spa. We spent most of the day there but I have to say I was disappointed with it. I understand that it is a golf resort, and the spa is not a focal point but it definitely needs a revamp. Tiles about the waterfall were dated and broken, the pool was very small and loud if kids were around. The quiet rooms were separated into ladies and mens so you could sit with your partner in the chilled zone. The only thing I liked about it was the glass windows looking onto the sea. Unfortunately, I won’t be going there for a Spa day again any time soon.

I’ve popped some pics below for you to nosey at, but if you are looking for a romantic luxury retreat then I definitely recommend it.