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What I Wore in Mexico

Personally, I think I can be a bit awkward when it comes to fashion. I go through phases of different styles, but ultimately always go back to what’s comfortable over what the latest trends are. I especially apply this logic when on holiday and this time round, in a blazing hot Mexico I lived by that rule. I stayed away from tight fitting clothes that would make me sweat and feel uncomfortable, and went for flowy or loose fitting pieces.

I’ve linked most items with the exact items, if not I’ve found similar ones.

Look 1: Casual Daytime

Top // H&M

Shorts // GAP

Bag // New Look

Sunglasses // Airport Duty Free

Shoes // ASOS

Look 2: Pool Vibes Only

Cover Up // BooHoo

Bikini // SheIn

Look 3: All White Evening

Dress // SheIn

Shoes // SheIn

Bag // Katie Loxton

Look 4: Favourite Swimwear

Bikini // personalised by House of LBD

Swimsuit // ASOS (old collection)

Swimsuit //New Look

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What Ross Wore in Mexico

To make my blog a bit more diverse I decided to pop up a post about outfits Ross wore on Holiday. It’s easy enough to make this blog all about me & things I wear and use, but Ross always features somewhere in the of so why not create a post about him (because he was a super handsome Husband on Holiday).

Again, if I haven’t been able to find the exact item I have tagged similar.

Look 1: date night

Shirt // Ralph Lauren

Trousers // BooHoo Man

Shoes // River Island

Look 2: casual daytime

T-shirt // Primark

Shorts // Boss

Trainers // Adidas

Shades // Polaroid

Look 3: Pool Day

Shirt // New Look

Shorts // Zara

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Life Lately: 1 Month Married

To be honest it has been quite an easy start to married life for us. We spent the first two weeks in Mexico, then came home and got straight back into working life.

Unfortunately, me & ross have been sick for the last week with a horrible cold/flu/chest virus thing that i’m sure we picked up on the plane. It’s always the same when you go away and everyone blames the change in weather, but I honestly think it’s the confined space and lack of fresh air for hours that passes on all the germs of the day. First week back at work and I had to have time off because I was unwell… Awkward or what?!?! Anyone else HATE taking sick days? We even missed our first home date night as Mr & Mrs at our favourite restaurant!

On the marriage side of things, no dramatic changes. I feel very settled in my new role as a wife and I feel like it’s definitely in my blood to be a family women. It helps when you have such a good husband! We also got a sneak peak at some of our wedding photos…

Also, i’m trying hard to stay on track of going to church each week.. Obviously, I haven’t been in a few weeks due to the holiday & then getting sick. But, I don’t want to be one of those couples who just give up after going for months because the wedding is over. Actually, I have seen a difference to my life since I started going and my outlook has changed slightly (still working on it).

I have also found a new love for the Big Bang Theory! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover how hilariously funny it is. Totally cheers me up! Another new found love I have is for Youtube & Vlogs. How great are they? The last few nights before bed Ive been watching Vlogs such as Jess Conte, Kristin Johns, Sprinkle of Glitter and a bit of traditional Zoella. I’ve always followed them on insta but never took the time to watch there videos properly. I’m also a fan of some motivational and mindset Vlogs!

Lastly, to cheer myself up after coming back to such cold weather and being poorly I bought some bits from ASOS autumn range which I will pop into a separate post over the next few weeks! I got some lovely cosy knitwear, coat and a new bag for work. If you can’t treat yourself who can?!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend folks and don’t forget you can subscribe & follow my blog with the links on the side bar.

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Spa at Royalton Riviera Cancun

Spa days have always been one of my favourite things to do, so when we seen the deal for the Royalton Spa Cancun, we thought ‘your only on honeymoon once’. It wasn’t cheap, it worked out about Β£100 per person but it’s something your never going to experience again.

It starts off with you choosing which oil you would like for your massage. We both opted for Orange, but the lavender and eucalyptus both spelt equally beautiful. You were then allocated your own therapist who lead you into separate changing areas. You are given a robe, flip flops and water if needed. I was then given a beautiful body scrub to apply before entering the steam room. I was left there for about 5 minutes before being told to have a cold shower. You are then taken into a sauna for a further five minutes with a cold compress on your head. To finish the introduction you take a 8 minute dip in the jacuzzi before being lead into the main spa to meet your partner.

When you walk into the main spa you are presented with large glass doors that offer the most spectacular view into the pool. Blue mood lighting fills the water infront of you. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of this as I rightly left my phone behind so I could truly enjoy it.

Once I met up with Ross, the first stage of the treatment was in the main pool area. It started with a chair submerged under water that pulsed out super jets for an all over massage.

The next stage was for neck treatment. There were two different water jets that you stood under and they battered your shoulders. The first one was painful and not that enjoyable. However, the second one was a lot more gentle on the skin. It was called the cobra and came out more like a fountain than a jet.

The last stage in the main pool was leg treatment. You stood on a metal platform that vibrated and sprayed underwater jets from all angles.

After the leg treatment it was time to come out the main pool and head to the back end of the spa, this part of the treatment was about hot and cold water. We were both placed in a shower cubical and had a cold bucket of water tipped over our heads. It was so refreshing! This was followed by a hot and cold hydrotherapy pool. You basically walked into the pool, submerged yourself and came straight back out. The cold pool was first, and believe me it was FREEZING. I literally had to build myself up to dip under. The hot pool was the same idea but scalding.

To end the hydrotherapy treatment you were placed on a bed, covered in a towel and given a light head massage with your chosen oils. Pure Bliss!

The last part for the morning was the one we were both looking forward to the most. A massage on the beach. We were lead out the hotel, along a boardwalk onto the sand where a hut stood independent infront of the sea. This was a moment I would never forget. I opted for a Swedish massage but Ross wanted a deep tissue. It was 50 minutes of orange scented relaxation.

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Honeymooning in Mexico (Part 2)

One week down, one week to go! Since being here I’ve been in a little bubble that seems surreal. I still can’t get my head around that fact the wedding has passed and so has our amazing honeymoon. Since we were lucky enough to be here for two weeks we dedicated the second one to getting out and experiencing Mexico a bit more, rather than lying by the pool all week again.

It started with a very active trip to Coba. It started off in the jungle where we walked about 2 miles to a site of an ancient pyramid. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and you are still lucky enough to be able to climb to the top. Its 120 steps to the top and believe me when I say this, it’s so steep you basically feel like it’s a straight up vertical climb ( check our honeymoon video) . It even has a rope to help you because it’s so steep! This mixed with 31 degree heat was unreal, I’ve never sweat so much in my life. The view from the top is worth the climb. It’s breathtaking. It’s a 360 degree view of the Mayan jungle and it takes you by complete surprise. The climb down wasn’t so enjoyable but we made it in once piece! Luckily, instead of walking back we got a tuktuk taxi! For the next part we visited a traditional Mayan family in the heart of the jungle and experienced how they lived before stopping for lunch.

To finish our day we were taken to a private natural sink hole for a swim. We had to wear life jackets because it was 5m deep but it was still amazing. The fish were a bit freakish to start with but we soon got used the them!

On Tuesday night we were treated to a complimentary beach dinner by the resort. It was beyond romantic and even the couple next to us got engaged! It was so sweet. We had a five course dinner & wine watching the sunset. Once darkness came you could see the cruise ship lights on the horizon.

Next on the list was a night at the famous CocoBongos in Cancun. We’ve heard so many things about this place and couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves. We were on a Tui holiday so when we booked tickets it was part of the Gold Members section. When they sell it to you they make it sound like it’s very exclusive but it isn’t. Half the place is gold member but atleast you get a seat, table and waiter service! The atmosphere is electrifying and I was completely blown away by the scale of the show! I assumed it would only be an hour or so and then it was just a normal night club all night but I was totally wrong! It was a full on 4 hour show with dancers, movie tributes, acrobats and a live DJ Set to finish. This was all mixed with flashing lights and confetti cannons! It’s suitable for anyone to be honest as it’s not a traditional night club, there were people of all ages there and we even got to know a couple of lovely girls we were sitting next to. Everyone was I’m a great spirits and it was sad when it was time to go home, even if it was 3am!

Friday night was scheduled for a Japanese cooking show in one of the hotel’s restaurants, ZEN. There were ten people placed around a large cooking table with your own personal chef. It was a 5 course meal cooked right in front of you. There was a lot of flames, knife throwing and they even threw some food at you to try catch in your mouth. Mine bounced back out so didn’t count lol! This was my first time trying Japanese food and I was blown away! We started with three different types of sushi, then we had egg fried rice, followed by fried shrimps & vegetables. The main was chicken and steak along with some more vegetables. To finish we have fried ice cream, a concept that’s hard to get your head around. It wasn’t really to my taste but Ross loved it. Hats off to the chef for a fantastic and skillful show!





I opted for a pool day on the Saturday while Ross was given the opportunity to meet up with one of this friends for a round of golf at Cancun Country Club. He had such an amazing time he’s decided to team up with me and help me write a blog post to review it, so keep an eye out for that post! I’m short, it’s a five star country club with residential properties surrounding an amazing golf course. It also has boutique shops and a beautiful club house.


I can’t believe our time in Mexico came to an end so quickly, but it’s been the best two weeks of our lives. And, it’s not something we will ever forget in a hurry.


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P.s you can watch our highlight video here!