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Overnight At Turnberry

It’s been almost a month since we went away from Ross’s birthday but, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing it was. And, how perfect every moment was. To cut a long story short, I decided for this year for his birthday I would take him away for the night to Trump Turnberry in Ayr. He’s a major golf fan and since we went there for a day trip, it’s been at the back of my mind to go.

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin. The hotel is out of this world. It’s a different level of luxury. At first, I felt very self conscious at how posh is seemed and how the other guest were acting. They arrived in the fanciest cars with the newest and most expensive clothes on. But, I decided to play along. I had fairly paid my way after all. When you arrive, your bags are taken from you and your are escorted into a side office to check in. Its decorated in the softest cream leather seats and large oak reception tables. Your given every detail about the resort, and offered anything you could wish for. We arrived very early on in the day because of the weather so we were lucky the room was ready.

A week before we went I received a phone call from the concierge to see if there was anything I needed help with. I had mentioned that I was for my fiancé birthday and if they could put a happy birthday balloon in the room it would be fab. Well, they differently did that. The minute we opened the room door I spotted a balloon covered bed, decorated especially for his birthday! They also left a birthday card for him which I thought was super cute. We had the delighted of a super king bed that was positioned perfectly in front of a massive flat screen TV. It displayed all TV channels, personal messages, information about the resort and menus for room service. It was immense. The bathroom was even better. In the corner of the room was a free standing bath with large gold taps. Actually, everything was gold. I spent the rest of the day dreaming about having the biggest bubble bath with a large glass of wine.

Once we settled in we headed out and walked the length of the beach all the way along to the Half Way house. It’s a pretty white and yellow lighthouse that sits on the ninth hole of the main course. We had a quick pit stop for a coffee and spot of lunch before finishing the walk along the back nine to the clubhouse. I could tell Ross’s was eager to get a game in but I was terrified of him being disappointed because it was just so busy. However, luck was definitely on our side that day as he got a space to play the 9 hole course just before we needed to get ready for dinner. I made a pretty good caddy if I do say so myself.

We had dinner in the 1960 restaurant later that evening and once again, we were super lucky with our table placement. We were sat down in front of the large bay windows over looking the sea and resort grounds. It was perfect for watching sunset (so romantic!!!) Everything from the setting to the food just felt unreal. I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude that we were able to have this experience together (well, we do work hard after all).

The morning after we got lucky again with the table. There was a large continental breakfast buffet to start with then you had a choice from the cooked menu. We both went for Scotch Pancakes with Creme Fresh, and yes it tasted just as amazing as it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better coffee either, it was so smooth and poignant tasting. Nothing like that instant rubbish. To end our trip, after the food had settled we headed to the Spa. We spent most of the day there but I have to say I was disappointed with it. I understand that it is a golf resort, and the spa is not a focal point but it definitely needs a revamp. Tiles about the waterfall were dated and broken, the pool was very small and loud if kids were around. The quiet rooms were separated into ladies and mens so you could sit with your partner in the chilled zone. The only thing I liked about it was the glass windows looking onto the sea. Unfortunately, I won’t be going there for a Spa day again any time soon.

I’ve popped some pics below for you to nosey at, but if you are looking for a romantic luxury retreat then I definitely recommend it.




Visit Callander

It all started with a half day at work. I mean, who doesn’t love a half day on a Friday when the weather is beyond beautiful? We had been thinking about taking a drive to Callander for a while but never had the time or the weather. Callander, isn’t far from Stirling and took us about an hour to get to. It’s a small, rustic town with basically one main street that goes the full way through it. Amazing loch’s and mountain views surround the village, almost as though it were being sheltered in. Although it looked nice it was BALTIC ( no surprise there ).

When we arrived we decided not to stop and carry on for another 7 miles to Loch Lubnaig. Breathtaking. The loch is surrounded by towering mountains and woodland, completely contrasting colours from the cold blue loch. It has several parking bays around it where you can have a little pit stop and even have a picnic in the summer. From where we were, if you looked straight across the loch you can see a bunch of wooden lodges. They are part of Argyll Holiday Lodges, but unless you were going as a group to spread the cost, I’d say it was a tad expensive. But, if you wanted to splash the cash, I wouldn’t blame you. Waking up to that view with a coffee would be superb!

After like a 5 minute walk, I was moaning that I was too cold and the wind was making my sore ear worse (usual moaning self!), it was back into the car. We got back to Callander main street and parked up next to the water. Tea Time! We picked a really rustic tea room called Mhor Bread tea room. They have a fresh bakery attached to the cafe and everything looks so yummy! The loaf of bread are bigger than my head! The tables and chairs are all mixed and matched, and the tea comes in super cute tea cups & saucers.

Along the main street there are a few quirky shops, good for unique gifts etc. But I have to say my favourite was the CHRISTMAS SHOP. Yes, it is there all year round and it has every bauble and accessory you could ever dream of. And the minute you walk in, the smell of cinnamon just hits you so hard that you wish it was December all over again. I do wonder how they manage to keep going all year, they must make a killing at Christmas time though.

On our way out of Callander we did try to visit the Golf Club. We have major expectations of a grand club house at the top of the hill, overlooking the loch and mountains. But, we either couldn’t find it or it didn’t exist. I mean we seen part of the course, but the club house or even the first tee wasn’t well sign posted. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. We planned on going in for some tea but took the huff and opted for a McDonald’s on the way home instead (Shameful I know!)

I’ve popped some pictures below for you to look at and appreciate the Scottish landscape. Mind you, the pictures NEVER really do it justice. You just can’t beat seeing it with your own eyes. Also, I use a Canon EOS 1000D to take my pictures along with some on my phone, Huawei P10.

Let me know if you go!

Until next time,



Yes you read that right, SUN. Sunday was unbelievably beautiful and I couldn’t not take advantage of it. We live not to far from a beautiful park, well I don’t even think its referred to as a park as it’s really a big old converted house with loads of grounds to walk. It really is gorgeous in the spring/summer time.

As said before my style constantly changes, I go from being super girly to a bit tom boy the next day. Even though the sun was out, I decided to still keep some darker tones in my outfit with my Top & Jacket. I agree, the top is pretty fancy but I styled it down with a pair of everyday jeans and trainers to keep it simple.

So, off I went ( with my photographer Ross, obv) to do that god awful cringe worthy thing again for this blog. Although, I must admit its definitely getting easier not to care about other people being around, but I ain’t no model.

Please also bear in mind, I didn’t fake tan (rookie mistake) and some of my angles define aren’t my best. But, this blog is about being real so hear it is…


Sunglasses // Perscription ROXY.    Click Here for Similar


Jacket // ZARA Click here for Similar.           Jeans // ZARA    Click here for Similar.

Top // River Island   Click Here to Shop.           Shoes // Armani   Click here to Shop.



Are you into similar styles? Or do you like styles I might like? Let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Until next time,


My Wedding Anxiety

For all those brides to be out there, this ones for you. I don’t normally express how much anxiety my upcoming wedding gives me. I feel like you have to be seen as constantly excited, but it’s so wrong. Since I hit the 1 year to go mark by anxiety & stress levels have went through the roof. I want to be excited. I am excited. But, you just can’t help thinking about all the tiny negative aspects of it.

I don’t come from a mega rich family so, it takes a lot of hard work to save money to pay for things. Don’t get me wrong, our families are saving hard too and if it wasn’t for there help we probably still wouldn’t have enough to get married. I just hate how much pressure weddings put on people, the real meaning behind a wedding often gets lost by overwhelming anxiety of how you’re going to afford everything. For instance, you order a special birthday cake and it won’t cost you more than £100 ( & that is if its mega fancy ), tell the company it’s for a wedding and BOOM, £400 added onto it just because. It’s crazy. I’m still having some sleepless nights worrying that it all won’t be paid in time, even though I know it will.

 If I’m being honest I probably think about our wedding 1000000x times a day, but it’s not always happy thoughts. I constantly think about what other people will think. Will everyone like the venue? Will people like my dress? Will this person get on with this person? Can I invite this person If I don’t invite that person? ITS CONSTANT.  Deep down I know I will never please everyone, and why should I? It’s our wedding, not theirs. But, it’s just the way my mind works. Or is it? Am I just totally influenced by what I see on the internet and magazines? The Glitz and the massive weddings. Once again, the real meaning of the day is being lost.

Oh, and don’t get me started on FAMILIES. I come from a separated family, and even though it was over 10 years ago since it all happened, I still fear the bitterness and resentment may arise on the day. I don’t want people to feel awkward around each other. I don’t want people to be drunk and say something nasty to someone else. Things happen for a reason, families change and people move on. But, there’s always one isn’t there? That one person you worry might open their mouth. But, then I think is it really only my family? NO. Families that aren’t split might even fight after a few glasses on wine. As long as I don’t know about it or hear about it on that day, ill be happy.

Our wedding venue is really perfect for us, its local, beautiful and reasonably priced for what you get. I have a lot of faith in the wedding planners to pull everything off on the day, but being a complete and utter control freak, I still can’t help but worry. What if they mix up the seating plan? Will they put the correct stuff on the tables? Will anything be lost or forgotten about? Will the cake be in the right place? IT NEVER ENDS. Honestly, why am I worry about all these stupid little things? At the end of the day, as long as the ceremony goes ahead and we end up MR & MRS, why should it matter if something isn’t perfect?

I hope I’m not along with all these worries, and I’m sure Im not. Maybe we should have just went away with a handful of our close family and got married? But, what little girl doesn’t dream about that big day, with the perfect dress and the perfect venue.

Until next time…


EyeWake: Collagen Eye Gel*

To cut a long story short, I work 41 hours a week in the dental practice, try to blog, workout & run a household, so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I suffer from horrible dark bags under my eyes. I fill my days with coffee to tackle stress and fatigue, but I always forgot how damaging it is on my skin, especially around my eyes. So when EyeWake contacted me to try their new Collagen Eye Gel, I jumped at the chance.

They are currently available from Amazon for less than £15 at the moment, but I have been told that the price of the product will be rising to approx £35. It is advertised as an ‘Anti-fatigue’ gel to help combat dark circles, puffy eyes and unwanted wrinkles. When it arrived, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed in the basic packaging. However, as long as it says what it does then I shouldn’t be bothered, right?

When I buy skin products I am super conscious of the Ingredients. Skin care products are designed to help your skin, not damage it, so I am always super careful (Especially with my wedding coming up!). I’ve listed the ingredients below that are on the bottle.

Aqua, Glycerin (vegetable), Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Carbonate, Witch Hazel, Rose Flower Water, Vitamin E, Elderflower Extract, Cucumber Extract, Citric Acid, Hydrolised Collagen, Phenoxyethanol.


Over the last few weeks, I can hand on heart tell you that I have seen a difference. It’s not massive, as my skin is still adjusting to the product, but my eyes are definitely brighter. I’m going to keep using the product for another month or so, but I don’t expect to be disappointed.

Oh, and if a natural product wasn’t good enough, EyeWake are also working in partnership with Women’s Aid. They donate 5% of their profits and take part in charity events each quarter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 19.58.35

As always, my views & opinions are my own and this post was in partnership with EyeWake Uk.

Let me know if you try it out! Until next time …