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PIXIELOTS: My Brand, My Story.

I’m still in a bit of denial that the last few months of serious hard word has reached a point where I can now physically see and hold my own product. I wrote about leaving my job a few months back and I was quite vague with what I was getting up-to. At the time I didn’t really know myself what was going to come of it all & plus I was feeling positive about it, so I didn’t want any negativity to put me off.

I was a little hesitant when I got to the stage where I needed to start promoting on social media. It has become my baby over the last few months and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to show the world, and accept some might not love it as much as I do. However, I must admit it’s been really good! The response has been great and we have had a lot of influencers reach out to review it for everyone! You will see more of this on our social media pages throughout this month.

It took a lot of time to find the product, brand it and design it but, I am so proud of the outcome. I decided on an American product that is now available in the UK & put my own stamp on it. When you say Hair Chalk most people think of the black hair combs with think chalk inserted into it. But, these are PENS. Easier to hold, less mess & they can be used on your face!

The obvious audience for this type of product would be children, however I decided not to limit it. This could be used on boys, girls, teens or adults for all sorts of different occasions; parties, festivals, cosplay etc. And, it washes straight out! Perfect for the weekend if you ask me (obviously I’m slightly biased)! I must give credit to Ross & My Dad though, they helped confirm a lot of the ideas and designs. It can be hard to come up with something unique but it definitely helps when there is a team behind it all.

It’s going to be stocked by Amazon in a few short weeks & I can’t wait! We are just waiting on our product photography & then we are good to go. Anyone with a Prime Membership will be able to get the product via Prime delivery too. It will retail at ÂŖ14.99 for 12 pens that are NOT single use. But, I have a special offer on my website for a small amount being sold at ÂŖ9.99.

I’m not sure what the road looks like for PIXIELOTS, but I have a clear vision of where its heading. There are a lot more ideas I hope to follow up with over the next year so I’m going to be busy, busy, busy.

I have linked all the social media & website below. I have put the link to the Amazon listing for future reference.


Let me know what you think & If you decide to try it don’t forget it tag us in your pictures and leave us some feedback.


10th Anniversary: The Ivy & Tigerlilly Edinburgh.

10 years, wow. Anytime we tell people how long we have been together we get the same reaction every time ‘what age are you?’. At least, we will always look younger than average in our anniversary photos! We have a bit of an awkward anniversary with it being right after christmas but it’s a big one so we chose somewhere a bit fancier than usual for our lunch.

We decided to go in a bit earlier to have a little wander round the shops before lunch, and we came across the Tesla Pop-up shop. Those cars are living in another world; truly amazing. And it seemed like our lucky day when they offered us to go along to their test drive day in a few weeks. It’s a bit of a fun day but a small amount of people get to test drive one of their models. Ross accepted without hesitation & I’m sure I will be popping that on the blog in a few weeks too!

I’ve seen ‘The Ivy‘ advertised in London and when I noticed it back in December I knew thats where I wanted to go for our anniversary. It sits on the corner of St Andrews Square in Edinburgh. I did book relatively far in advance so I’m not sure how it would be if you turned up on the day. The downstairs area of the restaurant was a lot smaller than I imagined, but I later discovered there was an upstairs too. It’s decorated in very bold colours and textures and has a slight 60s feel about it.

The menu was varied and I found it hard to pick what I wanted to have. It’s not one of those places where you go and look at the menu and think ‘I don’t know what any of this means’. They have burgers, fish & chips etc so its pretty easy to feel comfortable. I also chose to try one of their cocktails with my dinner; Raspberry & Rhubarb Crumble. It was rhubarb Gin & ginger beer, two of my absolute favourites and it sure didn’t disappoint.

When I go out to eat I always like to take my time and never feel rushed out, and it definitely wasn’t like that here. The courses were out very quick but they let us sit and finish our drinks without any issues after our dinner, even though they were busy. They even surprised us with a mini anniversary desert to share; very thoughtful!

We were having such a great day we didn’t want it to end so quickly so we decided to walk a bit further along and source Tigerlilly. Again, I’ve heard about it but never been. Luckily, when we arrived the bar was pretty quiet and we got a seat straight away. The decor was amazing and ‘so instagram!’. The bar area is at the very front of the hotel but if you go further in there’s more unique sitting areas and a funky restaurant. We hadn’t even gotten our drinks yet and we were like ‘lets stay here until we need to go’. We left about 4:30 for our train but I would love to see it at night. It must have such a great atmosphere.

As usual, I took pictures of basically everything so I have popped them in below.

‘Chocolate Bombe’

Until next time,


My Instagram Detox

One of my new years resolutions this year was to be more ‘Present’. I’ve been reading a book called, ‘the power of the now’ and it’s all about being conscious of the moment you’re currently in and not thinking about the past or the future. Anyway, I was getting into the book etc and I quickly realised that Instagram was a large part of why I wasn’t living in the Now. I used to find myself scrolling and scrolling through timelines, profiles and before I knew it an hour had passed and I wasn’t any further forward with my day, to-do lists or even worse, I wasn’t being present with who I was with.

I think Instagram is one of the worst platforms for comparing yourself to others. And we always say that it’s the younger generation thats getting hit the worst by it, but I disagree. Im 24, going on 25 this year and I think it affects me just as much because I look at people I follow and constantly compare myself or where I am in life to them. I follow accounts that have amazing homes, they go amazing places, always have money to spend and just seem to be succeeding at life in general (or is that what they want you to think? probably). Don’t get me wrong, I think its great that people can get to levels like that in life and they have every right to share their success and be proud of it. I was guilty for getting caught up in my head with it all and my thoughts and feelings would run away with me. I was trying to rush the results of my business to catch up, I was inpatient and I wasn’t appreciating what I had and was constantly thinking about what I didn’t.

Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realised I’m totally guilty for it too. I innocently post pictures of my house (when its tidy & clean and looking good which isn’t every day!!), places we go to eat, things I buy, goals and achievements. In some respect, I was one of them but on a lower level. But, it doesn’t matter what level because the person looking at your profile doesn’t see it like that. They see it one or two ways; 1. wow, I wish I had that or 2. wow, I’ve got so much better than him/her.

So, I logged out and told myself enough was enough. I’ve posted twice since but only because I wanted to and not because it made my Instagram look good. I didn’t realise how hard I would find it and it was shocking I was so dependant on social media. As time went by I found that I wasn’t bothered about posting or checking it. I kept my other profile logged in thats all puppy pictures and dog accounts (sad I know) and it was refreshing not to see people, and only animals; weird but true!

The point i’m trying to make is that we live in a society that judges us on what job we have, what car we drive etc. A small majority may actually care more about if you’re living a happy and content life, but most will secretly judge you based on what you have. But are you guilty for letting them? The only person that should be concerned about your home, car, goals, achievements etc should be you, no?

After reading the book and actively tying to be in the moment more I don’t think I will go back to being a heavy Instagram user. Yes, ill check it from time to time and maybe pop up a post. But, without it i’ve been a lot more productive & less anxious. I used to think it was something deeper that caused anxiety etc but now I don’t. I think it’s a pretty easy fix (in some cases).

I will continue to post on my blog each week because I feel it’s a lot more honest and open compared to Instagram. It’s easier to explain things on here. Plus, I do like the little record it keeps of things I’ve done over time & its nice to look back; like a virtual diary. The blog posts are more for me than keeping up appearances.

It’s a heavy book to get your head around and I still haven’t finished it because it takes a lot of thought power, but if your interested i’ve popped the link below.

Until next time


A Day in Gullane

We are finally into the first week of normality in 2019 and I am feeling pretty good about it. I like having a routine and getting back into the swing of things. Tonights post is going back to last week and a trip we took to Gullane on January 2nd, just before Ross went back to work.

It was set to be a beautiful day and we wanted to spend our day somewhere different rather than wasting our last day of the holidays in the house. A few days before this, Bailey was aloud out for walks so what better thing to do than take a day trip with her. We had to be careful though, as she is still a little baby and we didn’t want to walk her too far and hurt her little legs. But, as usual she surprised us and was raring to go from the moment we got there.

We originally planned to go to North Berwick and during our drive we went through a town called Gullane and we were in absolute awe. The weather obviously helped but, it was beyond beautiful with the golf course being right at the start of the town, filled with beautiful houses and unique little shops and cafes. Before we parked up we had drove a little further and came across The Renaissance Club, which is home to the scottish open this year. It reminded me of turnberry slightly with the colour scheme. It was surrounded by automatic gates and the most beautiful drive way. It also had about 6 lodges outside the main entrance. They reminded me of the lake houses in Cheaper by the Dozen 2!

So, instead of going any further we pulled into the car park and got ready for some fresh air. It only took us about an hour to get there and Bailey slept the full way in the back seat ( & before you ask, yes she was strapped in properly). We walked over towards part of the course and she got a little bit of experience walking/pulling on the grass before we walked back along the little main street and down the practice area. We even met a really nice guy from the pro shop who let us use a towel to dry her off (her face is too cute for anyone to resist).

And to finish off our walk, what better than a hot cup of tea and big slice of carrot cake. We had it outside even though the cafe was dog friendly (I can’t trust her not to poo or pee inside just yet lol!). It was such a great day that I can’t wait for out next day trip with her. Although she’s been hard work recently it reminded us of why we got a dog in the first place.

What a gorgeous start to 2019!


Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019.

Wow, I cant believe another year has passed. This year has definitely been a busy one and will always remain special to us (wedding, dream holiday, job changes & our newest addition to the family!). I decided to pop this post up with some of my favourite pictures from this past year and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I looked back at all the lovely things we done this year.

But first, I want to do a bit of reflection and planning for 2019. This year I was really put through my paces with stress from many different situations (not just the wedding!) and looking back its something I do not want to take forward into 2019. This new year is about limiting that stress and anxiety and having a bit more faith in myself and life in general. Over the past year I stressed out over so many things that weren’t even in my control and it was just ridiculous. Going forward I have many hopes and goals for this year in terms of my business and home life. Obviously, the rate that my work grows at is out of my control, and I just need to keep working hard and focus on the end goal. But still, its a goal I want to start seeing results from. I also want to be more committed to my role as a Wife. It’s something that is very important to me and being able to create a job that allows me to balance work & home life is a massive achievement in my eyes.

However, I am sure there will be a lot of learning curves once again this year but lets hope I face them with a different mindset & outlook.

All the best for 2019!