PIXIELOTS: My Brand, My Story.

I’m still in a bit of denial that the last few months of serious hard word has reached a point where I can now physically see and hold my own product. I wrote about leaving my job a few months back and I was quite vague with what I was getting up-to. At the time I didn’t really know myself what was going to come of it all & plus I was feeling positive about it, so I didn’t want any negativity to put me off.

I was a little hesitant when I got to the stage where I needed to start promoting on social media. It has become my baby over the last few months and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to show the world, and accept some might not love it as much as I do. However, I must admit it’s been really good! The response has been great and we have had a lot of influencers reach out to review it for everyone! You will see more of this on our social media pages throughout this month.

It took a lot of time to find the product, brand it and design it but, I am so proud of the outcome. I decided on an American product that is now available in the UK & put my own stamp on it. When you say Hair Chalk most people think of the black hair combs with think chalk inserted into it. But, these are PENS. Easier to hold, less mess & they can be used on your face!

The obvious audience for this type of product would be children, however I decided not to limit it. This could be used on boys, girls, teens or adults for all sorts of different occasions; parties, festivals, cosplay etc. And, it washes straight out! Perfect for the weekend if you ask me (obviously I’m slightly biased)! I must give credit to Ross & My Dad though, they helped confirm a lot of the ideas and designs. It can be hard to come up with something unique but it definitely helps when there is a team behind it all.

It’s going to be stocked by Amazon in a few short weeks & I can’t wait! We are just waiting on our product photography & then we are good to go. Anyone with a Prime Membership will be able to get the product via Prime delivery too. It will retail at £14.99 for 12 pens that are NOT single use. But, I have a special offer on my website for a small amount being sold at £9.99.

I’m not sure what the road looks like for PIXIELOTS, but I have a clear vision of where its heading. There are a lot more ideas I hope to follow up with over the next year so I’m going to be busy, busy, busy.

I have linked all the social media & website below. I have put the link to the Amazon listing for future reference.


Let me know what you think & If you decide to try it don’t forget it tag us in your pictures and leave us some feedback.


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