My Instagram Detox

One of my new years resolutions this year was to be more ‘Present’. I’ve been reading a book called, ‘the power of the now’ and it’s all about being conscious of the moment you’re currently in and not thinking about the past or the future. Anyway, I was getting into the book etc and I quickly realised that Instagram was a large part of why I wasn’t living in the Now. I used to find myself scrolling and scrolling through timelines, profiles and before I knew it an hour had passed and I wasn’t any further forward with my day, to-do lists or even worse, I wasn’t being present with who I was with.

I think Instagram is one of the worst platforms for comparing yourself to others. And we always say that it’s the younger generation thats getting hit the worst by it, but I disagree. Im 24, going on 25 this year and I think it affects me just as much because I look at people I follow and constantly compare myself or where I am in life to them. I follow accounts that have amazing homes, they go amazing places, always have money to spend and just seem to be succeeding at life in general (or is that what they want you to think? probably). Don’t get me wrong, I think its great that people can get to levels like that in life and they have every right to share their success and be proud of it. I was guilty for getting caught up in my head with it all and my thoughts and feelings would run away with me. I was trying to rush the results of my business to catch up, I was inpatient and I wasn’t appreciating what I had and was constantly thinking about what I didn’t.

Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realised I’m totally guilty for it too. I innocently post pictures of my house (when its tidy & clean and looking good which isn’t every day!!), places we go to eat, things I buy, goals and achievements. In some respect, I was one of them but on a lower level. But, it doesn’t matter what level because the person looking at your profile doesn’t see it like that. They see it one or two ways; 1. wow, I wish I had that or 2. wow, I’ve got so much better than him/her.

So, I logged out and told myself enough was enough. I’ve posted twice since but only because I wanted to and not because it made my Instagram look good. I didn’t realise how hard I would find it and it was shocking I was so dependant on social media. As time went by I found that I wasn’t bothered about posting or checking it. I kept my other profile logged in thats all puppy pictures and dog accounts (sad I know) and it was refreshing not to see people, and only animals; weird but true!

The point i’m trying to make is that we live in a society that judges us on what job we have, what car we drive etc. A small majority may actually care more about if you’re living a happy and content life, but most will secretly judge you based on what you have. But are you guilty for letting them? The only person that should be concerned about your home, car, goals, achievements etc should be you, no?

After reading the book and actively tying to be in the moment more I don’t think I will go back to being a heavy Instagram user. Yes, ill check it from time to time and maybe pop up a post. But, without it i’ve been a lot more productive & less anxious. I used to think it was something deeper that caused anxiety etc but now I don’t. I think it’s a pretty easy fix (in some cases).

I will continue to post on my blog each week because I feel it’s a lot more honest and open compared to Instagram. It’s easier to explain things on here. Plus, I do like the little record it keeps of things I’ve done over time & its nice to look back; like a virtual diary. The blog posts are more for me than keeping up appearances.

It’s a heavy book to get your head around and I still haven’t finished it because it takes a lot of thought power, but if your interested i’ve popped the link below.

Until next time



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