A Day in Gullane

We are finally into the first week of normality in 2019 and I am feeling pretty good about it. I like having a routine and getting back into the swing of things. Tonights post is going back to last week and a trip we took to Gullane on January 2nd, just before Ross went back to work.

It was set to be a beautiful day and we wanted to spend our day somewhere different rather than wasting our last day of the holidays in the house. A few days before this, Bailey was aloud out for walks so what better thing to do than take a day trip with her. We had to be careful though, as she is still a little baby and we didn’t want to walk her too far and hurt her little legs. But, as usual she surprised us and was raring to go from the moment we got there.

We originally planned to go to North Berwick and during our drive we went through a town called Gullane and we were in absolute awe. The weather obviously helped but, it was beyond beautiful with the golf course being right at the start of the town, filled with beautiful houses and unique little shops and cafes. Before we parked up we had drove a little further and came across The Renaissance Club, which is home to the scottish open this year. It reminded me of turnberry slightly with the colour scheme. It was surrounded by automatic gates and the most beautiful drive way. It also had about 6 lodges outside the main entrance. They reminded me of the lake houses in Cheaper by the Dozen 2!

So, instead of going any further we pulled into the car park and got ready for some fresh air. It only took us about an hour to get there and Bailey slept the full way in the back seat ( & before you ask, yes she was strapped in properly). We walked over towards part of the course and she got a little bit of experience walking/pulling on the grass before we walked back along the little main street and down the practice area. We even met a really nice guy from the pro shop who let us use a towel to dry her off (her face is too cute for anyone to resist).

And to finish off our walk, what better than a hot cup of tea and big slice of carrot cake. We had it outside even though the cafe was dog friendly (I can’t trust her not to poo or pee inside just yet lol!). It was such a great day that I can’t wait for out next day trip with her. Although she’s been hard work recently it reminded us of why we got a dog in the first place.

What a gorgeous start to 2019!



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