Edinburgh at Christmas

I’ve always been a massive fan of the capital and what it has to offer. The buildings, the shops and the contrast between the old town and the new town. I love the buzz of the city, not sure if I would like living in the city, but for the odd weekend away or day out I think its grand. 

Every year Ross and I go out for a christmas dinner together, this year Ross came up with the great idea of a day out instead. We had originally planned to just go into the markets and have a mooch around, but he later surprised me with a reservation at The Dome (boy did good!). If you don’t know the place then, it is the most beautifully decorated place in the city during the christmas period. The building is around 200 years old and it was originally designed for the Bank of Scotland. From October through to the New Year it is covered in gorgeous lights and has one of the biggest christmas trees you have ever seen in the middle of the restaurant. I do recommend you make a reservation though, if not you need to queue outside and then you only get into a smaller, less dramatic room. 

We sat there for a good fews hours, enjoying some red wine and a three course christmas lunch. It was so nice to be out together and away from the little terror we had at home (ok, she’s not that bad but we needed a break!). Everyone around us was so happy, taking pictures, laughing and just enjoying their time. The only time anyone in the room was on a phone was to take a picture. You didn’t look round the room once and see people sitting on their phones, scrolling through social media oblivious to the beautiful setting. 

When we left its was getting a bit darker and the lights along the streets were beginning to make more of an impact. We headed straight down to the markets. It was MOBBED. I remember thinking that it would be my worst nightmare to have to push a buggy through these crowds. Once into the main area it did get slightly better. We looked round the stalls and bought a few christmas gifts before getting a Mulled Wine & Hot Gin. To tell you the truth I have never been so disappointed. Mulled Wine is NOT for me unfortunately, even though I desperately loved the idea of us standing in the crowds with our wine feeling all festive. 

We finished the day off with a wine stop at The Refinery just off Princess Street. We had time to kill before the train home, and since the Mulled Wine disappointed us we thought it would be rude not to. 

Our festive day out was an absolute treat and I cant wait to do the same next year!

Until next time 



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