Welcome to the family, Bailey

What a week it has been! My house has been completely turned upside down, everything has been chewed on, peed on & pooped on! Oh, the joys of little Bailey. I wouldn’t have it any other way and she’s 100% part of the family now. 

Bailey is a 9 week old F2 apricot Cavapoo with a full personality and a mischievous streak. We looked into several types of dogs but we had agreed on a Cavapoo because we loved Cockapoos but wanted something a little smaller for our house. They are also hypoallergenic which is great as Ross has asthma and no one likes dog hairs all over the house! 

We travelled to Newcastle to get her last Saturday after only meeting her once before. She hasn’t disappointed us at all. I was really worried about how she would react in the car but she slept the full way in her little bed. When we got her into the house she settled straight away, showing off and playing with her new toys. It wasn’t until bedtime when realised what we were in for. We are crate training her so we put her into her cage, turned the lights off and said goodnight. The howling started, which we were anticipated, but not for 4 full hours! We were adamant that she wasn’t getting back out till morning so decided to bring the cage into our room so she could see us. It wasn’t long after that she settled straight away. Each night since then she’s slept right through. 

She still hasn’t got to grips with using the puppy training mats but I am sure we will get there soon enough! Easier said than done though when you have a little surprise waiting for you on the carpet! 

I am absolutely loving have her though, she’s such a handful but a complete joy at the same time. Every day she’s doing something new or getting unto something else she shouldn’t be doing! She definitely keeps us entertained. And, the sleepy cuddles are so lovely that I hope as she gets a bit bigger she will still love to cuddle in. 

Until next time.. 



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