Get Christmas Ready with The Nelson’s

It’s my favourite time of year! There’s nothing better than filling your home with sparkle, lights and more candle’s than usual. This year I got a few new bits for the house and thought I would put it all together for you incase you needed any inspiration for your home too. I linked as many of the products I could.

One of my dreams is to have a massive 12ft tree in a beautiful bay window. However, until then I love my 6ft basic tree. Our tree and the accessories were bought when we first moved into our home 2 years ago but the styles are still available.

Tree // The Range

Baubles // The Range

Lights // Asda or Amazon *

This year I picked up a few extra bits for our TV unit. I had my eye on the garland and light up star from The White Company but managed to find a cheaper substitute from Argos. It is basically the exact same, might not last as long but I’m happy with it regardless.

Garland // Argos or The White Company

Star // Argos or The White Company

My little reindeer is one of my favourite christmas accessories. Again, we bought this to two years ago but when will you ever not want a glitter reindeer at christmas?! Timeless if you ask me!

Reindeer // The Range

I also think this time of year is one of the best for having lots of candles round the house (who am I kidding, I have candles all year round!) I have a couple of Jo Malone kicking about but my favourite candle this year is the Clintons Frosted Gingerbread. I have it in my entrance hall and the smell is out of this world. I love lighting it at night because it leaves such an amazing scent lingering for the next morning.

And to finish up, how can I forget my favourite festive cushions. I got these beautiful velvet snowflake cushions & the blue checked reindeer ones a few years back. I think that’s why I haven’t changed the colours in my tree yet because I love the cushions so much, everything has to match!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find these online! But, I did find some other cute alternatives.

Festive Cushions // Amazon *

(they are even in the sale!)

What kind of christmas decorations do you go for?

Until next time,


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