Overnight at Boclair House

Hello all!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend just like I have! It was my birthday over the weekend and my husband treated me to a stay at Boclair House Hotel in Bearsden, Glasgow. We decided at the start of the year that instead of buying loads of rubbish for each other at birthdays we would try spend the money on going places instead. For his birthday we went to Turnberry and it was a much better use of our money!

This time round Ross picked a winter deal for Boclair House. It was dinner, bed & breakfast. Now, don’t ask me the price because I don’t think it’s fair for me to snoop and find out how much he spent. But, it will be on the website somewhere if you want to know.

We stayed in the Iona Suite and it was absolutely stunning. It was decorated quite dark with lots of deep browns and golds. In the middle of the room behind a feature wall there was a massive free standing bathtub with a private TV. I was blown away with the how high quality everything was and the standard that it portrayed.

I was quite surprised that there was so much Christmas decorations about but I will admit that it actually made my night! The bar & restaurant area are quite small but I don’t think it would ever cause any issues as there isn’t a lot rooms for people to stay anyway. The food was really great and I felt it was a really high standard for presentation. Ross said it was one of the best meals he’s ever had!

Breakfast was on the same level too. You had the option of the cold buffet for cereal etc or a cooked breakfast. Or you can have both! You can guess what I went for lol!

The only thing I would say about it is that you can’t actually stay on a Saturday night. Every Saturday the hotel is closed the the public as it is for weddings only. Bit of a pain if you work all week but if you’ve got a bit of time off I would recommend going.

Until next time,


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  1. This is the hotel I’m getting married in next year. So beautiful! Glad you had a lovely overnight stay x


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