Our New Office

I’ve been at it again. I was so sick of looking at our basic and unappealing office that I decided it was time to get it done properly. Most of the furnishings were already there so I didn’t have to buy much. I focused on dressing the room more than completely re-vamping the full thing. It also meant I was able to do it on a relatively cheap budget too!

If you have space in your house, I think its such a good idea to make up a little office. For us it has so many benefits; Ross can get his uni work done, I can write blog posts, I have space and resources to organise all our admin and you never know, it might be a full time office one day!

I’ve linked all the items with the exact product or something similar if you are interested.



Shelf // Wilko

Candle // Wilko

Plant // Asda

Picture // TK Maxx

Notepad // Wilko

Desk // Ikea

Chair // WayFair

Computer // Acer @ PC World

Desk Light // B & M

As you can see it’s such a small room and a limited space to work with but I absolutely love the way it has turned out! I will probably add a bit more wall art at some point but it’s fine for now. Also, when I was looking for bits to style the room with I seen a lot of accessories in Primark! Be sure to check that out if your on the look out too!

Until next time,



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