Life Lately: 1 Month Married

To be honest it has been quite an easy start to married life for us. We spent the first two weeks in Mexico, then came home and got straight back into working life.

Unfortunately, me & ross have been sick for the last week with a horrible cold/flu/chest virus thing that i’m sure we picked up on the plane. It’s always the same when you go away and everyone blames the change in weather, but I honestly think it’s the confined space and lack of fresh air for hours that passes on all the germs of the day. First week back at work and I had to have time off because I was unwell… Awkward or what?!?! Anyone else HATE taking sick days? We even missed our first home date night as Mr & Mrs at our favourite restaurant!

On the marriage side of things, no dramatic changes. I feel very settled in my new role as a wife and I feel like it’s definitely in my blood to be a family women. It helps when you have such a good husband! We also got a sneak peak at some of our wedding photos…

Also, i’m trying hard to stay on track of going to church each week.. Obviously, I haven’t been in a few weeks due to the holiday & then getting sick. But, I don’t want to be one of those couples who just give up after going for months because the wedding is over. Actually, I have seen a difference to my life since I started going and my outlook has changed slightly (still working on it).

I have also found a new love for the Big Bang Theory! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover how hilariously funny it is. Totally cheers me up! Another new found love I have is for Youtube & Vlogs. How great are they? The last few nights before bed Ive been watching Vlogs such as Jess Conte, Kristin Johns, Sprinkle of Glitter and a bit of traditional Zoella. I’ve always followed them on insta but never took the time to watch there videos properly. I’m also a fan of some motivational and mindset Vlogs!

Lastly, to cheer myself up after coming back to such cold weather and being poorly I bought some bits from ASOS autumn range which I will pop into a separate post over the next few weeks! I got some lovely cosy knitwear, coat and a new bag for work. If you can’t treat yourself who can?!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend folks and don’t forget you can subscribe & follow my blog with the links on the side bar.

Until next time…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely wedding photos, Pam. Congratulations!


  2. Angela says:

    Wedding photos look fab xo


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