Spa at Royalton Riviera Cancun

Spa days have always been one of my favourite things to do, so when we seen the deal for the Royalton Spa Cancun, we thought ‘your only on honeymoon once’. It wasn’t cheap, it worked out about £100 per person but it’s something your never going to experience again.

It starts off with you choosing which oil you would like for your massage. We both opted for Orange, but the lavender and eucalyptus both spelt equally beautiful. You were then allocated your own therapist who lead you into separate changing areas. You are given a robe, flip flops and water if needed. I was then given a beautiful body scrub to apply before entering the steam room. I was left there for about 5 minutes before being told to have a cold shower. You are then taken into a sauna for a further five minutes with a cold compress on your head. To finish the introduction you take a 8 minute dip in the jacuzzi before being lead into the main spa to meet your partner.

When you walk into the main spa you are presented with large glass doors that offer the most spectacular view into the pool. Blue mood lighting fills the water infront of you. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of this as I rightly left my phone behind so I could truly enjoy it.

Once I met up with Ross, the first stage of the treatment was in the main pool area. It started with a chair submerged under water that pulsed out super jets for an all over massage.

The next stage was for neck treatment. There were two different water jets that you stood under and they battered your shoulders. The first one was painful and not that enjoyable. However, the second one was a lot more gentle on the skin. It was called the cobra and came out more like a fountain than a jet.

The last stage in the main pool was leg treatment. You stood on a metal platform that vibrated and sprayed underwater jets from all angles.

After the leg treatment it was time to come out the main pool and head to the back end of the spa, this part of the treatment was about hot and cold water. We were both placed in a shower cubical and had a cold bucket of water tipped over our heads. It was so refreshing! This was followed by a hot and cold hydrotherapy pool. You basically walked into the pool, submerged yourself and came straight back out. The cold pool was first, and believe me it was FREEZING. I literally had to build myself up to dip under. The hot pool was the same idea but scalding.

To end the hydrotherapy treatment you were placed on a bed, covered in a towel and given a light head massage with your chosen oils. Pure Bliss!

The last part for the morning was the one we were both looking forward to the most. A massage on the beach. We were lead out the hotel, along a boardwalk onto the sand where a hut stood independent infront of the sea. This was a moment I would never forget. I opted for a Swedish massage but Ross wanted a deep tissue. It was 50 minutes of orange scented relaxation.

Until next time…



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