Honeymooning in Mexico (Part 2)

One week down, one week to go! Since being here I’ve been in a little bubble that seems surreal. I still can’t get my head around that fact the wedding has passed and so has our amazing honeymoon. Since we were lucky enough to be here for two weeks we dedicated the second one to getting out and experiencing Mexico a bit more, rather than lying by the pool all week again.

It started with a very active trip to Coba. It started off in the jungle where we walked about 2 miles to a site of an ancient pyramid. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and you are still lucky enough to be able to climb to the top. Its 120 steps to the top and believe me when I say this, it’s so steep you basically feel like it’s a straight up vertical climb ( check our honeymoon video) . It even has a rope to help you because it’s so steep! This mixed with 31 degree heat was unreal, I’ve never sweat so much in my life. The view from the top is worth the climb. It’s breathtaking. It’s a 360 degree view of the Mayan jungle and it takes you by complete surprise. The climb down wasn’t so enjoyable but we made it in once piece! Luckily, instead of walking back we got a tuktuk taxi! For the next part we visited a traditional Mayan family in the heart of the jungle and experienced how they lived before stopping for lunch.

To finish our day we were taken to a private natural sink hole for a swim. We had to wear life jackets because it was 5m deep but it was still amazing. The fish were a bit freakish to start with but we soon got used the them!

On Tuesday night we were treated to a complimentary beach dinner by the resort. It was beyond romantic and even the couple next to us got engaged! It was so sweet. We had a five course dinner & wine watching the sunset. Once darkness came you could see the cruise ship lights on the horizon.

Next on the list was a night at the famous CocoBongos in Cancun. We’ve heard so many things about this place and couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves. We were on a Tui holiday so when we booked tickets it was part of the Gold Members section. When they sell it to you they make it sound like it’s very exclusive but it isn’t. Half the place is gold member but atleast you get a seat, table and waiter service! The atmosphere is electrifying and I was completely blown away by the scale of the show! I assumed it would only be an hour or so and then it was just a normal night club all night but I was totally wrong! It was a full on 4 hour show with dancers, movie tributes, acrobats and a live DJ Set to finish. This was all mixed with flashing lights and confetti cannons! It’s suitable for anyone to be honest as it’s not a traditional night club, there were people of all ages there and we even got to know a couple of lovely girls we were sitting next to. Everyone was I’m a great spirits and it was sad when it was time to go home, even if it was 3am!

Friday night was scheduled for a Japanese cooking show in one of the hotel’s restaurants, ZEN. There were ten people placed around a large cooking table with your own personal chef. It was a 5 course meal cooked right in front of you. There was a lot of flames, knife throwing and they even threw some food at you to try catch in your mouth. Mine bounced back out so didn’t count lol! This was my first time trying Japanese food and I was blown away! We started with three different types of sushi, then we had egg fried rice, followed by fried shrimps & vegetables. The main was chicken and steak along with some more vegetables. To finish we have fried ice cream, a concept that’s hard to get your head around. It wasn’t really to my taste but Ross loved it. Hats off to the chef for a fantastic and skillful show!





I opted for a pool day on the Saturday while Ross was given the opportunity to meet up with one of this friends for a round of golf at Cancun Country Club. He had such an amazing time he’s decided to team up with me and help me write a blog post to review it, so keep an eye out for that post! I’m short, it’s a five star country club with residential properties surrounding an amazing golf course. It also has boutique shops and a beautiful club house.


I can’t believe our time in Mexico came to an end so quickly, but it’s been the best two weeks of our lives. And, it’s not something we will ever forget in a hurry.


Until next time…

P.s you can watch our highlight video here!



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