A Daily Struggle: ‘But what will they think?!’

Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram stories with a poll. I wasn’t having a good day and I felt I was a bit lost with what I was doing with my life and I asked if anyone ever felt the same, and it got 20+ responses for ‘Yes‘. It got me thinking….

Our New Office

I’ve been at it again. I was so sick of looking at our basic and unappealing office that I decided it was time to get it done properly. Most of the furnishings were already there so I didn’t have to buy much. I focused on dressing the room more than completely re-vamping the full thing….

What I Wore in Mexico

Personally, I think I can be a bit awkward when it comes to fashion. I go through phases of different styles, but ultimately always go back to what’s comfortable over what the latest trends are. I especially apply this logic when on holiday and this time round, in a blazing hot Mexico I lived by…

What Ross Wore in Mexico

To make my blog a bit more diverse I decided to pop up a post about outfits Ross wore on Holiday. It’s easy enough to make this blog all about me & things I wear and use, but Ross always features somewhere in the of so why not create a post about him (because he…

Life Lately: 1 Month Married

To be honest it has been quite an easy start to married life for us. We spent the first two weeks in Mexico, then came home and got straight back into working life. Unfortunately, me & ross have been sick for the last week with a horrible cold/flu/chest virus thing that i’m sure we picked…