Month: October 2018

A Daily Struggle: ‘But what will they think?!’

Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram stories with a poll. I wasn’t having a good day and I felt I was a bit lost with what I was doing with my life and I asked if anyone ever felt the same, and it got 20+ responses for ‘Yes‘. It got me thinking. How much of your life do you spend ( waste ) worrying about other people’s opinion on your life? Honestly, I probably spend the majority of mine. Any decision I make or idea I have always comes with another thought; ‘But what will they think?‘. Social media obviously has a massive role to play in this but even outside of it there is so much judgement. I don’t know about you, but I feel very pressured to have the right job, wear the right clothes or have an amazing house etc etc. All the things that you think will make people proud of you or admire you. Should it matter if someone makes ÂŖ15k a year or if someone makes …

Our New Office

I’ve been at it again. I was so sick of looking at our basic and unappealing office that I decided it was time to get it done properly. Most of the furnishings were already there so I didn’t have to buy much. I focused on dressing the room more than completely re-vamping the full thing. It also meant I was able to do it on a relatively cheap budget too! If you have space in your house, I think its such a good idea to make up a little office. For us it has so many benefits; Ross can get his uni work done, I can write blog posts, I have space and resources to organise all our admin and you never know, it might be a full time office one day! I’ve linked all the items with the exact product or something similar if you are interested. Shelf // Wilko Candle // Wilko Plant // Asda Picture // TK Maxx Notepad // Wilko Desk // Ikea Chair // WayFair Computer // Acer @ PC …

What I Wore in Mexico

Personally, I think I can be a bit awkward when it comes to fashion. I go through phases of different styles, but ultimately always go back to what’s comfortable over what the latest trends are. I especially apply this logic when on holiday and this time round, in a blazing hot Mexico I lived by that rule. I stayed away from tight fitting clothes that would make me sweat and feel uncomfortable, and went for flowy or loose fitting pieces. I’ve linked most items with the exact items, if not I’ve found similar ones. Look 1: Casual Daytime Top // H&M Shorts // GAP Bag // New Look Sunglasses // Airport Duty Free Shoes // ASOS Look 2: Pool Vibes Only Cover Up // BooHoo Bikini // SheIn Look 3: All White Evening Dress // SheIn Shoes // SheIn Bag // Katie Loxton Look 4: Favourite Swimwear Bikini // personalised by House of LBD Swimsuit // ASOS (old collection) Swimsuit //New Look Until next time… Xx

What Ross Wore in Mexico

To make my blog a bit more diverse I decided to pop up a post about outfits Ross wore on Holiday. It’s easy enough to make this blog all about me & things I wear and use, but Ross always features somewhere in the of so why not create a post about him (because he was a super handsome Husband on Holiday). Again, if I haven’t been able to find the exact item I have tagged similar. Look 1: date night Shirt // Ralph Lauren Trousers // BooHoo Man Shoes // River Island Look 2: casual daytime T-shirt // Primark Shorts // Boss Trainers // Adidas Shades // Polaroid Look 3: Pool Day Shirt // New Look Shorts // Zara Until next time.. xox

Life Lately: 1 Month Married

To be honest it has been quite an easy start to married life for us. We spent the first two weeks in Mexico, then came home and got straight back into working life. Unfortunately, me & ross have been sick for the last week with a horrible cold/flu/chest virus thing that i’m sure we picked up on the plane. It’s always the same when you go away and everyone blames the change in weather, but I honestly think it’s the confined space and lack of fresh air for hours that passes on all the germs of the day. First week back at work and I had to have time off because I was unwell… Awkward or what?!?! Anyone else HATE taking sick days? We even missed our first home date night as Mr & Mrs at our favourite restaurant! On the marriage side of things, no dramatic changes. I feel very settled in my new role as a wife and I feel like it’s definitely in my blood to be a family women. It helps …