Bedroom Re-Vamp

I never really minded our bedroom. I hadn’t changed it since we moved in two years ago and always kept it simple and neutral. When we first moved in I chose a Paris themed wallpaper for the room, simply because we got engaged there and I was still hanging onto the memory. When we got back from our honeymoon on Tuesday, Ross walked into the room and said ‘I hate that wallpaper’. Well, that sent a train in motion and we spent the next two days wallpapering and dressing the room.

This time round we went for a darker, grey wallpaper for behind the bed. Sometimes grey can be draining but this paper has a silver design that when the light hits, it really brightens up. The white furniture and frames stand out perfectly against the darker wall.


When shopping for some accessories we went for a splash of colour with yellow, green and silver. Its very easy for us to change the colour input this way as all I would need to do is change the prints in the frame and the bedding. Simple.

I’ve linked where most items are from, and if I haven’t found the exact I have linked similar items.


Feature Pillow // TK Maxx 

Backing Pillows // (Old) The Range


Bed Furniture // IKEA
Bedding // Asda Home


Decorative Throw // TK Maxx


Wallpaper // Wilko


Crushed Velvet Curtains // Wilko


Sasha wanted to help signing off from this post …

Until next time x


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