Wedding Skincare Routine

I’ve never really been the obsessive type over skin care and beauty routines until the start of the year. I remember seeing a picture of someone bridal makeup on Pinterest and thinking about how their skin glowed and looked blemish free. I suddenly had a mini panic that my skin would be crap for the big day, that it would be covered in breakouts and dried out. Thats when I decided enough was enough and it was time to get myself in order.

I have 5 main products that I try to use daily:

(1)Firstly, I use the Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub after my beautician told me that for scrubs it doesn’t need to be expensive as all your really needing it the grains within it.So, I picked up one that was on offer at Asda. As much as you want to take care of your skin, you don’t want to damage it either by using abrasive products more than you need to. Scrubs are great for removing dead skin and dirt from deep in your pores, helping to prevent breakouts.

(2) Clarins has always been my go to beauty brand and it was no different when I was picking skin care products. The Blue Orchard face oil smells amazing and its brilliant when your skin is feeling dried out, especially after a few drinks or if you have been slacking with your daily water intake. Each time I use it I feel like I’m in a Spa. It stays on your skin for a few hours, slowly sinking into your pores.

(3) As for my Hydro-Quench Moisturiser, again I choose Clarins because I can trust that my skin won’t take a reaction to it. Its perfume free and hypo-allergenic which is perfect if you have sensitive skin like me!

(4) My daily cleansing gel is also Clarins, again because it is hypo-allergenic. I tend to use my cleanser daily before mastering. I feel it helps to take any residue dirt or makeup off my skin that the face wipe may have missed. I always think that if you use a brands corresponding products you get a better outcome because they know how to work with each other.

(5) My last product is the EYE WAKE collagen eye gel. It is full of natural ingredients to help with dark bags. Im really prone to dark eyes through stress and tiredness so I really see a difference if I religiously use this product. I actually wrote a review on it before if you need more information.

On top of these products I visited a beautician regular for a course of Micro-abrasion treatment and mini facials.



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  1. Angela says:

    Love this, I’ve become obsessed with skincare since my wedding!!
    My skin is generally really good even although I am guilty of not sticking to a proper skincare routine, the week before the wedding, of course I took some sort of reaction (to sunscreen I think) and ended up with dry, chapped lips and dry irritated patches on my face…typical! A week of drinking lots of water and slathering on Eve Lom Kiss Mix. Luckily my make-up artist is also miracle worker so it was well hidden for the photos! Don’t forget your lips in your skincare and stay hydrated 🙂 you’re going to be a beautiful bride! xo


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