St Annes on Sea

I took this trip in July but I am only just getting round to posting this! St Annes is a gorgeous sea side town on the outskirts of Blackpool. I used to go there every year when I was little. It was our family vacation spot, same hotel, same time every year. It’s bittersweet to think about it actually. The last time I was there was 2015, just after I graduated from University I went down with my dad, gran and papa for a short holiday. It was lovely, so when Ross decided to go to Prague for this Stag Do my dad jumped at the chance to take me and the family back down for a long weekend.

The day we arrived I had been working all day before hand so we were shattered that night. The next morning when I got up it was pouring and I couldn’t help be disappointed, but that soon changed when the sun appeared after breakfast. The first full day we went through to Lytham. Now I absolutely love Lytham. It’s the most gorgeous little town with boutique shops and restaurants. One of the shops that sit on the corner is Stringers, its kinda like a small House of Fraser selling the usual designer stuff. We wondered in and out every shop along the main street for a few hours until we got to the point we were gasping for a coffee and a bit of cake. We even went round the shops a second time until we were ready for a proper lunch. We chose the Deacon Bar which has only been open for about 10 months I think. It used to be an old bank and they have kept some of the main features. We picked a Caesar salad and ginger beer. Later that night we had a lovely steak dinner at the hotel but I ended feeling so ill from stuffing my face all day, I called it a night about 9pm.


Saturday was a scorcher so we chose to take a road trip to South Port. I’ve never been but my dad had told me stories about being there when I was younger and I was desperate to see it. Theres a main street called Lloyd Street with lovely shops and restaurants. There was even a Peaky Blinder bar! It was really busy so didn’t go in, just did the usual picture outside it. We walked down towards the Pier where they had live music so we sat there and had a cold drink while watching the world go by. South Port was lovely, and I do recommend but Lytham was a lot more unique in terms of their shops and bars. South Port has shops like Debenham’s etc but Lytham is more independent businesses. Later that night when we were back at the hotel and dinner had settled me and my dad took a walk along St Annes per. It was still relatively warm outside and the sun was still out. Theres a little old train thats stationery all the time and its been turned into a little shop. Its got gorgeous little gifts and souvenirs. It’s never changed since I was 9.


Sunday came and it was our last full day, and it was even hotter than the last two days. Now you can’t go to St Annes without visiting Blackpool and today was that day. We set off pretty early to make sure we got parked out but it was even busy by 10am. The first thing to do was walk along the sea side and onto the Pier. We cut through the amusements and had a game of Air Hockey. And no, I didn’t win! (Aren’t dads meant to let you win?!?!?!). We walked the full length of the pier looking and the water below. I wish I could have bottled up that moment and feeling forever. We then walked round some of the usual before hitting the main strip, dipping in and out of the sweet shops, souvenir shops and all the different amusement arcades. We even went onto the other pier for a shot on the bumper cars. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. But, that Sunday wasn’t the only for a fun day at Blackpool. It was also my Grans birthday so we went back to The Deacon for a beautiful family meal. Again, I could have fallen asleep in the taxi home after eating so much. I couldn’t believe the holiday was almost over.


Monday was here in a blink of an eye and before we set off to head back to Scotland me and my dad went back into Lytham to pick a few last minute things from the shops. And if you know me by now I can’t go shopping without a coffee break. This time we chose Capri’s on the corner of the main square. There was an outside glass canapé with small heaters to keep us toasty while the rain came down. Instead it was super modern with wacky colours and interiors. I couldn’t believe it was time to leave.





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