Playfair’s St Andrews

Weekends. They go from one extreme to another in our house. Most of the time Saturday is a write off for any dates because Ross is either refereeing or playing in the weekly golf medal, so its unusual for us to get a Saturday together. Back at the beginning of July we managed to get some time to ourselves for a day trip to St Andrews. I absolutely LOVE this little town. The cute boutique shops mixed with high street shops hidden in old cobbled streets, bustling with tourists or students from the university. It’s strange to think it was Kate & Wills old stomping ground during their student years.

That weekend the sun was shining and temperatures were soaring that weekend so we thought there would be no where better to spend the day. We were unfortunately met with thick fog and colder temperatures when we arrived! I couldn’t believe it. We were on the wrong coast for the best of the weather. Now, if you haven’t been to St Andrews I advise you to leave early. Parking isn’t the best as it gets super busy. There is a car park on the beach from which you pay & display but we always try the side streets first.

Our first stop was to grab some lunch at Playfair’s restuarant on North Street. We have eaten there before and never seem to be disappointed.

Food 4/5

This time we both opted for the same thing to eat, fish & Chips! It came in a plastic basket lined with paper with a newspaper effect. A modern twist on a classic dish! I was super tasty and just what I could have went, although fish & chips is normally a very safe bet. The only thing I would have to say is that is wasn’t piping hot when it was served. Im hoping that isn’t the way they usually serve as it really dampens the mood when your food’s below temperature.

Decor 5/5

The outdoor seating area is slightly below street level with wooden tables and gorgeous colourful flowers surrounding you. I love the fact its slightly below the street as it feels a lot more private and separated from the busy streets. Inside is darker and cosier. I’d love to sit there on a cold winters day, its just got that type of vibe about it. The walls have a dark brick effect and all the seats are a deep brown leather. Mirrors surround you on the walls making it feel slightly bigger than it actually is. The main doors are glass and give you a lovely view out onto the front terrace.

Location 5/5

You couldn’t have a better location to be honest. It’s literally a five minute walk from the beach front/golf clubhouse in one direction and another 5 minute walk to the main street for the best shops and cafes. It is also lucky enough to be surrounded by hotels and B&Bs.

We finished off a lovely day mooching round the shops and eating some ice cream watching the world go by. I remember sitting feeling so blessed and grateful to have time to spend together that day. I always go straight home with my mind racing of places to go to next!


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