Father & Daughter Day Out

My dad has always been my best friend. We have always been stuck together like glue, so when I moved out after the engagement it hit us both hard. It took a long time to get used to it but like anything in life, you adapt. With the wedding a month away those emotions of separation are resurfacing. It’s all in the mind, but when you’re getting married you feel like your life before is coming to an end. Childhood has officially gone. Our schedules between now and the big day are mental, so we decided that we would have one last day out together before I say I do (You would honestly think I was leaving forever after reading that).

We had decided to do something before the wedding but just didn’t know when, until I got a lovely unexpected Friday off from work. I’ve been working so much over time recently I had enough for a full day off without using holidays (Thank goodness because Ive used them all for the honeymoon lol!). Dad wanted to make it special so we headed to one of my favourite places, Trump Turnberry. It was pleasantly quieter than most times I have been. We had a lovely large square table in view of the main window and from the minute we sat down I felt mega relaxed. The last few weeks have been mentally and physically draining and I have been so exhausted.

I opted for the ploughman’s Panini and a hazelnut latte, and my dad went for their signature burger and caramel latte. The burger really did look amazing too, it came with a side of thinly cut chips in a cute copper cup. As always, we ordered some desert too. We picked ‘The Queenie”. It was basically a really soft sponge, with strawberry’s and ice cream. It would have put you into a sugar induced coma, but it was too good to pass up. To wash it all down, I finished my meal with the ‘Golfers Widow’ cocktail. It had such a strong taste of watermelon to the point where you could be convinced you were just drinking fruit juice.

Anytime I am out with my dad I seem to come home more focused and thoughtful than when I woke up. We had a chat about this blog actually, and how I don’t think I have found who I truly am through my full time job. It’s not that I hate it or anything, I just feel I am missing something. Theres something Im not pursing in my life to give me the sense of purpose you need to take the next steps in life. Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided to get back into this whole blog thing properly (how many times have you heard me say that before?!?). Once again, I will try to stick to it. There’s something about being at places like Turnberry that spur on your motivation and ambition for a specific level of life. I want to be there all the time and visit similar places knowing I can. It really is a different world.


Top // New Look    Trousers // Ralph Lauren     Shoes // Deichmann









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