It’s A Hen Thing! (Part 1)

It’s six weeks to go until the big day and the next biggest thing just happened, the Hen Party! I had the most amazing day and the effort put in was totally unexpected.

We started at our house where all the ladies met up for a few pre drinks. While we were waiting we got little goodie bags filled with willy straws, dares, shots and bubbles! Each bag even had my name and the details on it. Up until this moment I didn’t know what the plans were for the day, so the girls put together a little itinerary for me to read out. I finally knew what was happening and I couldn’t be more excited! We downed the rest of the drinks and jumped into the taxi.

First stop, The Social in Glasgow for a Cocktail Making Class. I’ve never been a heavy partier or drinker so this was perfect for me! We were split into two booths, given a fab selection of nibbles and got to make 2 cocktails each. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in my life seeing my Gran use the shaker. The guy who was teaching us, Ross (How Weird!) did well to keep his cool with all of us. Even if he had to be a little cocky now and again!! After a few very strong cocktails (only natural when your pour your own measures), it was time to move onto the next part of the day; Dinner!

I couldn’t have been happier when the girls said we were going to LA Vita. The food they serve is so tasty and authentic. It gave us a little moment to sober up slightly and fill our bellies so we could dance the night away later. While we were at dinner, the girls were occupied with “Advice to the Bride” cards. Each girl filled in a card and put it in my goody bag for me to have a read at later. I ended up reading these the next day when I was feeling slightly fragile, not a great idea!

For the last part of the day we headed to The Ferry at the Riverside for a 60s night. The band were called Mod Life Crisis and they were fantastic! The look of the band and their talent was fantastic. I don’t think I have danced so much in my life. Everyone was so happy and enjoyed the full day. The Ferry closed around 12:30 but it wouldn’t have been a proper night out if my and my bridesmaid, Jemma didn’t hitch a ride from a cycle bike guy and shared Nuggets and Chips from McDonalds before heading back to Jurys Inn, where we crashed out after a fantastic day.

I’ve popped some pictures below! Part 2 of It’s a Hen Thing coming August 20th.


Dress // ASOS    Shoes // Boohoo    Make Up // Rachel Bell @ Slay All Day



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