Visit Callander

It all started with a half day at work. I mean, who doesn’t love a half day on a Friday when the weather is beyond beautiful? We had been thinking about taking a drive to Callander for a while but never had the time or the weather. Callander, isn’t far from Stirling and took us about an hour to get to. It’s a small, rustic town with basically one main street that goes the full way through it. Amazing loch’s and mountain views surround the village, almost as though it were being sheltered in. Although it looked nice it was BALTIC ( no surprise there ).

When we arrived we decided not to stop and carry on for another 7 miles to Loch Lubnaig. Breathtaking. The loch is surrounded by towering mountains and woodland, completely contrasting colours from the cold blue loch. It has several parking bays around it where you can have a little pit stop and even have a picnic in the summer. From where we were, if you looked straight across the loch you can see a bunch of wooden lodges. They are part of Argyll Holiday Lodges, but unless you were going as a group to spread the cost, I’d say it was a tad expensive. But, if you wanted to splash the cash, I wouldn’t blame you. Waking up to that view with a coffee would be superb!

After like a 5 minute walk, I was moaning that I was too cold and the wind was making my sore ear worse (usual moaning self!), it was back into the car. We got back to Callander main street and parked up next to the water. Tea Time! We picked a really rustic tea room called Mhor Bread tea room. They have a fresh bakery attached to the cafe and everything looks so yummy! The loaf of bread are bigger than my head! The tables and chairs are all mixed and matched, and the tea comes in super cute tea cups & saucers.

Along the main street there are a few quirky shops, good for unique gifts etc. But I have to say my favourite was the CHRISTMAS SHOP. Yes, it is there all year round and it has every bauble and accessory you could ever dream of. And the minute you walk in, the smell of cinnamon just hits you so hard that you wish it was December all over again. I do wonder how they manage to keep going all year, they must make a killing at Christmas time though.

On our way out of Callander we did try to visit the Golf Club. We have major expectations of a grand club house at the top of the hill, overlooking the loch and mountains. But, we either couldn’t find it or it didn’t exist. I mean we seen part of the course, but the club house or even the first tee wasn’t well sign posted. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. We planned on going in for some tea but took the huff and opted for a McDonald’s on the way home instead (Shameful I know!)

I’ve popped some pictures below for you to look at and appreciate the Scottish landscape. Mind you, the pictures NEVER really do it justice. You just can’t beat seeing it with your own eyes. Also, I use a Canon EOS 1000D to take my pictures along with some on my phone, Huawei P10.

Let me know if you go!

Until next time,



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  1. Angela says:

    Gorgeous pics Pam, my best friend lives in Callander, so we head there quite often, its always crazy busy when the sun is out!
    We recently wandered up Bracklinn Falls in Callander, also a gorgeous walk check it out next time you are in the area

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