Yes you read that right, SUN. Sunday was unbelievably beautiful and I couldn’t not take advantage of it. We live not to far from a beautiful park, well I don’t even think its referred to as a park as it’s really a big old converted house with loads of grounds to walk. It really is gorgeous in the spring/summer time.

As said before my style constantly changes, I go from being super girly to a bit tom boy the next day. Even though the sun was out, I decided to still keep some darker tones in my outfit with my Top & Jacket. I agree, the top is pretty fancy but I styled it down with a pair of everyday jeans and trainers to keep it simple.

So, off I went ( with my photographer Ross, obv) to do that god awful cringe worthy thing again for this blog. Although, I must admit its definitely getting easier not to care about other people being around, but I ain’t no model.

Please also bear in mind, I didn’t fake tan (rookie mistake) and some of my angles define aren’t my best. But, this blog is about being real so hear it is…


Sunglasses // Perscription ROXY.    Click Here for Similar


Jacket // ZARA Click here for Similar.           Jeans // ZARA    Click here for Similar.

Top // River Island   Click Here to Shop.           Shoes // Armani   Click here to Shop.



Are you into similar styles? Or do you like styles I might like? Let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Until next time,


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