Snow Day

Finally, a snow day I could enjoy! I have been watching the snow fall from the window for weeks and last Sunday I was finally able to go out and have some fun. It was a completely spontaneous day out, but sometimes those are the best! We decided not to go too far because neither of us wanted to get stuck anywhere, so we drove 15 minutes along the road to Chatelherault Country Park. It’s such a beautiful space and you could spend all day walking around the grounds, or even sit looking at the views of Hamilton. We’ve spent many summer nights up there wandering round, but today was probably the nicest walk I’ve been on there. Oh, and they have a coffee shop! ( obviously my favourite part! ).

A snow day calls for my favourite winter accessories. I’ve had my ever reliable hunter wellies for years. You seriously can’t go wrong with them: stylish and sensible. Paired with my favourite Ralph Lauren jacket, made from duck feathers, is amazing at keeping you warm! I always find it hard to find a puffy winter jacket that has a more dressy look about it & at the same time doesn’t make you look bigger in all the wrong places!

I’ve popped some pictures and details below.


Hat // NewLook Scarf // Jack Wills
Jacket // Ralph Lauren Jeans // Zara Boots // Hunter


Mascara // Clarins Foundation // Clarins 107 Everlasting Foundation
Blusher // Sporty Girl Bronzer // Sporty Girl











Hopefully this will be the only snowy post of this year and we can keep this milder weather.

Until next time,


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