Why Instagram is killing my blog.

As a ‘blogger’, I rely heavily on my Instagram to help drive more traffic to my blog. However, over the last few weeks I have observed many different opinions on Instagram’s famous new algorithm. I don’t like to say it out loud, but the recent Instagram update may be killing bloggers rather than growing them.

Since Instagram changed their ‘Algorithm’ I have noticed a dramatic change in what I can see on my feed. Nothing is in order & I’m seeing posts ‘recommended’ for me. I follow people of a reason, I want to see their pictures. But all I see is an out of order timeline mixed with accounts that I might like. I am completely missing out on some accounts posting and it makes me wonder how many accounts that follow me are the same. I have just short of 1000 followers on Instagram right now and I am lucky if I manage to get 100 likes on each picture. My insights say I get plenty impressions but why is that not showing through user engagement? Are people really seeing my posts? I often have to promote my newest post on my Instagram stories because more people view them than the actual post.

Feeds are no longer showing posts from people you follow, but instead full of advertising from bigger companies which have higher engagement due to higher followings. But how do I grow my audience if theres only room for the big guys?

If my engagement is low & my followers count is a lot higher, does that mean that I am plagued with ‘ghost’ followers and fake accounts? It is worth my time posting to my followers? For me, it’s my biggest platform to promote my blog, and I can’t help but be disappointed when the numbers don’t add up. Bloggers put a lot of time into creating content to gain real genuine followers and engagement, so no wonder we get pissy with this ‘Algorithm’.

Sponsored posts are becoming a lot more common on Instagram. If you have a business profile linked with your account you can use the ‘Promote’ feature. I tried it out on one of my pictures and it was a waste of time. I paid £1 for 24hours after being advised that the post would reach unto 2,000 people in that time. It didn’t. It failed. All I got was a few extra likes and impressions. I got more engagement when I posted the image myself and used some hashtags. If you are a new blogger or a small business, I can’t see how this feature would help.

Even if you aren’t a blogger, and use Instagram to sell products and services you must be seeing a massive difference in pages reviews, website clicks and impressions. In short, all I want is to post pictures for my followers to see and for me to view images from the people I follow.

Do you feel the same? Have you seen a drop in engagement? Or is it because I run a crappy Instagram & blog? Lol!! Let me know…


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