If you know me well enough, you will know how much I LOVE a trip to TK-MAXX. I’m constantly online looking at home interior pages on Insta or Pinterest, and I can honestly say, TK-MAXX is one of the best places to pick up home accessories at a low-cost. I will be honest though, I’m not that great at putting bits and bobs together, but I do try.

I managed to pick up a few little beauties during the post christmas clearance and wanted to share them with you. Oh, and if you have any better ideas on how to style them, please drop me a comment.




Marble Frame with Silver Detailing // SALE £5 Mirror Candle Tray // £19
Hand Soap // SALE £1 Patterned Dish // SALE £2

I love the little black and white dish so much I’m going to try to go back to pick up a few more, to use for dips and nibbles when we have friends over. Or I might just use it as a cute little jewellery dish. Here’s some pictures of the items styled…






I really do love my home. I feel so proud looking at these pictures, but I also see so many flaws and I can’t help but be caught up in what I don’t have. Or what more I want. Or how it’s still not styled like Insta homes. It really is ridiculous. Maybe I’m just to house proud? Anyway, I AM grateful for what I have. And I’m sure even those people who own Insta Homes still aren’t happy with everything.

Until the next time…



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