Entrance Hall – Mini Re-Vamp

In September last year, I decided I wanted to completely change the look of my little entrance way of the house. I was SICK of the carpet always looking dirty (should have listened to the parents!) and I just didn’t feel there was anything glamorous or special about it. After, a lot of research on Pinterest, I decided to go with the grey theme. With a smallish budget in hand (we had just been on holiday – man I pick my timings! ) I set off to the ever reliable IKEA & good old TK-MAXX.

Here are some pictures of my hall after a lick of fresh white paint ( yes, I actually did paint this on my own!), which took only one day to complete and a few accessories:





Shelf // IKEA           Clock // TK-MAXX       Candle Holder // IKEA  

Candle // Olivia Burton @ TK-MAXX          Candle Snuffer // Family Item. 

On the other side of the wall…
I particularly love my Black Frame Paris picture. Since we got engaged in Paris, I can’t help but be more attracted to Paris related items than any normal person.



Letter Box // ASDA       Picture Frame // TK-MAXX      Defuser // ALDI

To Finish, I went for a very light grey laminate flooring from a local timber merchants. We chose to fit the floor long ways to give the illusion that the hall is bigger than it actually is. It has been THE BEST thing I have ever done to the house, its incredibly easy to keep clean.





I managed to complete this look all within £200, however some items probably aren’t available anymore, I still hope you can find some home inspiration from this!

Until my next post…

P.s Sorry I don’t have any before pictures, I don’t know what I have done with them (Ooops!)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. klaugen says:

    The floor looks very pretty! Love the colour on it.
    I have to say that I often want to use such floors on my interior projects!
    You have made a good choice with the floor 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life By Pam says:

      Aw thank you so much! Im not great at putting interior things together but I really do love this little project!

      Liked by 1 person

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