My Newest Gadget: Fossil Gen3 Smartwatch Review

If you follow me on Instagram you will know by now that I decided to splash the christmas cash and buy myself a smart watch. Most people would assume that anything other than the apple watch is pointless. I got rid of my iPhone in the summer after feeling too mainstream and upgraded to an Android (I will never got back!), so I didn’t actually think there was much on the market that was similar to the Apple Watch. Clearly, I was wrong. At the start of the year me and Ross took a trip to Newcastle and while there I first noticed the Michael Kors smartwatches, however paying almost £400 for a watch that still have some issues working with certain operating systems put me straight off.

Yesterday while out shopping I popped into Fossil for a nosey at everything other than watches. Once I had my eye on them I couldn’t have asked for a better sales assistant. She was so knowledgable about them and really took her time to help me pick which style was best for me. It also turns out that Fossil make the watches for Michael Kors. So, it’s the same watch, but cheaper because it doesn’t have MK on it. Wow.

I went for the Gen 3 Smartwach – Q Control in Grey Silicone. This one comes with fitness and a heart rate tracker unlike the other ones. Admittedly, the face of the watch is bigger then the non-fitness ones but its nothing you can’t get used to. You can change the face of the watch to any designs you like, you can even customise it with your own pictures. You can view e-mails, diary notifications, maps and text messages (basically anything that you would get a notification for on your phone). However, you do need to keep your Bluetooth switched on via your phone and as you probably know it drains your battery!

The battery on the watch its good, not great, but good. I suppose the more you play about with it and the higher your screen brightness is will all contribute. One other disadvantage that annoyed me was that you can’t make phone calls – only the mens watches can. I found that really strange. Why wouldn’t women want to make calls via their watch too? Surely thats not just a man thing?

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.56.12


Activity Tracking: Built-In Fitness Tracker

Notifications: Social Media/Text/Email/App Alerts/Multiple Time Zones/Alarm Clock/Calendar Alerts

Functions: Track Your Heart Rate / Personalise Your Dial / Control Your Music / Voice Activated Google / LED Flashlight / Google Maps Enabled / Interchangeable Watch Band

Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart Enabled/4.1 Low Energy

Compatibility: Android™ OS 4.3+, iPhone 5/iOS 9+

Do you have one of these? Let me know!


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