Our trip to The Anchorage


Well I’m blogging from a very sunny beach on the south of England today. We’ve been on this little holiday since Wednesday and it has been absolutely fabulous! ( Home tomorrow evening 😦 ).

We’ve been staying at a beautiful family beach front home and it has completely changed my mindset over the last few days. I didn’t realise how much I needed this break to get away from the stresses of everyday normal life. It’s so peaceful here that even when the raining you still want to walk along the beach and feel the cool wind on your face. I wish this could be my life everyday.

On the first day of our holiday we spent it scooping out the local village before settling down for some board games (& a few wines). I don’t think I’ve ever played a board game with Ross before. It’s was so refreshing not to be glued to our phones all night or watching some crap TV. It was so much fun!

On Thursday we had a much busier day. We travelled through to Eastbourne and walked the full length of the promanard to the Prince’s Park. I had a close family member pass away last year and as I tribute a bench was placed down there as a memorial. So we decided to pay a visit before heading back to the main pier. Obviously we couldn’t leave before grabbing some fish and chips at the sea front! We also stopped off at Brighton on the train ride back for an ice cream and nosey at the Pier. However, by the time we got there we were tired and fed up after walking 22,000 steps!

Yesterday was A LOT more chilled out. We spent the morning lazying around the house before heading to the beach. So with the wet suits on and the kayak ready to go we were off! I must say it looks much easier than it actually is. But it was fun anyway! The afternoon was finished off with a cycle to the local shop to grab some ingredients for dinner.

& Finally today, our last full day here. A breakfast picnic was obvious. It’s not likely that we will get to do this back home so we needed to make the most of it. ( And because the weather is due to turn this afternoon!)

So while I’m chilling on the beach writing this and trying to come up with ways I can become a millionaire over night.. Enjoy your Saturday!!

P.s here’s some pics for you to nosey at.

















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